Step Into The Future

Join the revolution with a plan that suits every level of ambition. Starter / Pro / Teams / Custom Plan

Unleash the power of Gen-AI.
  • Public Profile: Create a profile visible to others.

  • Limited App Creation: Build a limited number of apps.

  • App Templates: Use pre-made templates for app creation.

  • Community Support: Get help from the user community.
per user per month.

Includes everything in the Starter Plan and:

  • Private Profile: Maintain a non-public profile.

  • Unlimited App Creation: Develop an unlimited number of apps.

  • Unlimited Version History: Unlimited records of app edits and versions.

  • Public and Private Space: Create both publicly accessible and private apps.

  • Advanced Logic Builders: Use sophisticated tools for complex app functions.
starter price: per team per month.

includes everything in the Pro Plan and:

  • Org-wide Libraries: Access a shared resource library across the organization.

  • Custom Profile: Customize profiles beyond standard options.

  • System Analytics: Utilize advanced tools for analyzing system performance.

  • Collaboration Tools: Benefit from enhanced tools for teamwork and coordination.

  • API Integrations: Integrate your apps with external services and systems.
Custom Plan

Includes everything in the Teams Plan and:

  • Onboarding and Expert Support: Personalized assistance to get started with the service and ongoing expert support.

  • Custom Integrations: Tailored integrations to fit the specific needs of your business with other systems and services.

  • Private Hub Deployment: The ability to deploy on a private infrastructure for enhanced security and control.

  • Infra and Cloud Optimization: Advanced optimization for infrastructure and cloud services to ensure the best performance and cost-efficiency.