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Whether you're a technical GenAI expert looking to prototype fast and demo your solution, or a beginner developing your first super powerful GenAI solution, our platform allows you to learn while building. It's secure, efficient, robust, and accessible – ensuring no one gets left behind.

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Beta Test Flipando Studio

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Flipando is an absolute game-changer! With their accessible platform, we turned our messy brainstorming sessions into 10+ mind-blowing AI apps in just a matter of days. No AI or ML experience? Not a problem! We were total rookies too. Thanks to Flipando, those time-consuming back-office tasks that used to be a real pain for our team are now a breeze. Our Creative Performance Projects went from sluggish to warp speed, freeing up precious time for our creative superpowers.


Matias Bodino
CEO & Founder, Rufus Social


Flipando's superpower ignited our team's creativity and unleashed their full potential! From our legal, sales, and finance teams to every department within our global and disruptive startup, we're always seeking innovative solutions. Flipando exceeded expectations, empowering us to think outside the box, collaborate seamlessly, and achieve remarkable results. It's a true game-changer that has propelled our productivity and ensured our competitive edge across all areas of our organization.


Diego Steinberg
VP Payments and Expantion, Astropay


Flipando's product is a game-changer! As the CEO of Quanam in Data & Analytics, I find their solution extremely intriguing. It has the potential to drive innovation in our clients' accounts, including government entities, major banks, and mid-sized companies in Uruguay, as well as abroad through our 7 offices. With its ability to accelerate the adoption of generative artificial intelligence, leverage best practices, and provide excellent governance for our management team, it's a must-have tool!


Guillermo Spinelli
CEO Data & Analytics, Quanam

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